Ground Beef Lovers Box

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Ground Beef Lovers Box

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Our all-purpose staple, you should always have plenty on hand to whip up a quick week-night dinner.  From burgers to tacos and meatloaf to spaghetti, ground beef is what you need to get a quick dinner on the table. Includes 10 lbs or 15 lbs of ground beef ready to be cooked up into your favorites!

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Why Salt Creek Meats?

We are a small family ranch and care about each and every one of our animals.

Our meat is antibiotics and hormone free.

Our cattle are born here and spend their whole lives on pasture here in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

All beef is dry aged for 14 days for the best tenderness and flavor profile.

We believe everyone should know where their food comes from and promote absolute transparency.

Our animals are processed at a local USDA facility.

We pride ourselves on the sustainability and traceability of our program.