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Find the beef bundle that works best for your busy family.  If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we'll figure out a way to get you what you need.  We ship to most of the midwest, from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas,  to Omaha, Nebraska (scroll to bottom of the page for shipping information). We also offer delivery to our Wichita and Emporia customers once a month or pick up is available directly from the farm. After you place your order, we will be in contact to schedule your shipment, delivery, or pick up. All prices include sales tax.

Salt Creek Market Club


$129 keeps you freezer stocked every month. Free shipping! 

Kitchen Staples
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These kitchen staples will get you through the month with all the beef essentials: four pounds of ground beef, one roast (2-3lbs), one pack cube steaks (1.5-2lbs), and a pack of premium steaks (1-2lbs, consisting of t-bone, ribeye, or sirloin). Customize your box by adding a few extra pounds of ground beef, an extra roast, or an extra pack of premium steaks using the drop-down menu below.

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Grillers Special

Fire up the grill, it’s time to get cooking!  Perfect for that cookout, it includes 2 Sirloin Steaks (1.9-2.4 lbs), Sirloin tip (perfect for marinating for kabobs, 2-3lbs), and 5 lbs of our juicy 90/10 ground beef ready for burgers.

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Premium Steaks

Dry aged 14 days, these juicy steaks are perfect for that special occasion.  Grill them up for that anniversary, birthday, promotion or just because you deserve something special.  Enjoy 2 Ribeyes, 2 T-Bones, 2 KC Strips, and a package of tenderloins all cut a generous 1 inch thick (3.5-4 lbs). 

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Tailgate Combo

The steak-heavy tailgate combo will get you ready for the game or a special night with friends. This combo includes a pair of hand-cut one inch thick ribeye steaks, t-bone steaks, and sirloins steaks, rounded out with three pounds of ground beef.

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Ground Beef Special

Our all-purpose staple, you should always have plenty on hand to whip up a quick week-night dinner.  From burgers to tacos and meatloaf to spaghetti, ground beef is what you need to get a quick dinner on the table. Includes 10 lbs or 15 lbs of ground beef ready to be cooked up into your favorites!

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Freezer Stocker

Ready to stock your freezer with what you need for dinner for awhile?  This bundle is full of staples like hamburger and roasts but also includes steaks for when you want something special.  Includes 25 lbs of pastured beef perfect for keeping your family healthy and fed!

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Why Salt Creek Meats?

We are a small family ranch and care about each and every one of our animals.

Our meat is antibiotics and hormone free.

Our cattle are born here and spend their whole lives on pasture here in the Flint Hills of Kansas.

All beef is dry aged for 14 days for the best tenderness and flavor profile.

We believe everyone should know where their food comes from and promote absolute transparency.

Our animals are processed at a local USDA facility.

We pride ourselves on the sustainability and traceability of our program.


We offer one-day shipping options to all or some of: Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, and Iowa. We use UPS Ground and Fedex Home Delivery to ensure the best shipping costs. Shipping is $29 per bundle, excluding the Freezer Stocker. If your area is highlighted in both service maps below, feel free to leave us a note at checkout with your preferred service if you have one.

UPS Ground One-Day Shipping

Fedex Ground One-Day Shipping

Our shipping days are every Wednesday and Thursday, depending dry ice availability. All our meat is flash frozen at butchering and shipped to you in our insulated shipping boxes. We hope all meat arrives frozen but sometimes thawing happens due to weather and/or shipping delays.